Valerie Huynh
winners 2014

Valerie Huynh plans to study economics or management at Stanford University. In addition to academic achievement and musical talent, Valerie Huynh is also a servant of the community as evidenced by her Gold Award from the Girl Scouts of America. In order to earn her Gold Award, Valerie founded and directed a summer program called Glamp Camp to empower young girls. With Valerie’s leadership, Glamp Camp included, team-building and a self-image makeover for attendees and is now sponsored by the city of McKinney.

Valerie recognizes her mother and other members of her family as her models for the American Dream who gave her "a foundation, constructed by my predecessors, to build upon these aspirations” and she can now “add to their American Dream with my own." She believes that the American Dream “has its basis in the mystique of the frontier in the 18th century, when Americans wanted to settle in lands they dreamed could offer more prosperity than the ones that they already lived in."