Tina Quach
winners 2014

Tina Quach will attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall to study chemical engineering and hopes to later earn a Master’s Degree in biomedical engineering. Many of her accomplishments involve promotion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs. Tina helped to co-found the nonprofit organization Catalyst for Success to encourage elementary and middle school interest in STEM fields and in the process combated the stereotypes that discourage girls from getting involved with STEM using fun and exciting methods.

According to Tina, “The American Dream is months, years, generations, of hard work toward social mobility, prosperity and success. It’s defying odds to prove the world wrong. Whether it was the forty-niners trekking across the US in search of gold or immigrants traveling across the Atlantic in search of a better life, the American Dream has prevailed in the minds and hearts of those around the world. But the Dream goes beyond prosperity—it envelops the freedom to be happy, to follow your passions and live according to your own will.“