Tiffany Wang
winners 2016

Tiffany Wang will enter the University of Pennsylvania this fall. During high school, Tiffany was an avid writer who made contributions to the Corner Club Press, the Dallas Morning News and the Prospect. As founder and president of the Sherwood Initiative, she organized book drives, collections and the refurbishing of libraries in two community centers. One of Tiffany’s largest projects was charting ethnic conflict and governmental oppression in nations that were usually kept out of the mainstream media. In collaboration with professors at University of North Texas, she received a grant to begin working the Issue Correlates of War. In this project, she brought attention to the challenges others are facing around the world.

Tiffany gives thanks to her immigrant  parents for helping her to define the American Dream and giving her a passion for literature and service. She believes that “the true embodiment of the American Dream is eventually having a vision to help others the way you’ve been helped.” Through her community service, Tiffany has done justthat, and we are confident that she will continue to do so throughout her collegiate years.