Tara Hoverstad
winners 2011 Tara Hoverstad is a well-rounded scholar athlete who served as captain of the Blaine Girls Hockey team in high school and was voted Top 10 Minnesota Goalie. Her leadership in athletics is also reflected in her volunteer work, which included volunteering for Feed My Starving Children, and Toys for Tots. She has also volunteered weekly at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital where she assisted the nurses in many ways by holding the babies, playing with the patients who are well enough to play and also play with their siblings who are visiting them.

To Tara, the American Dream means “that being an American is an incredible privilege that gives me every opportunity in the world to achieve anything that I want to in my lifetime. It means that doors of opportunity are wide open and I have every tool and resource available to me in order to achieve greatness.” Tara is using the opportunities available to her to help others. As a child, Tara experienced the difficult loss of her brother to cancer, and she was deeply influenced by the nurses who took care of him. As a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital, she tries to entertain the children and help their families.

Tara hopes to pursue a career in the healthcare industry and will begin her journey towards that goal this fall when she enters Gustavus Adolphus College