Tanzila Alam
winners 2010

Throughout high school, Tanzila Alam demonstrated leadership abilities by participating in various volunteer opportunities including being a language interpreter at the local medical center, serving as a tutor for students in math and science, and spearheading projects as president of her high school’s UNICEF Club. Tanzila will continue her students this fall at Cal State-Fresno, and we are confident that she will continue her commitment to social responsibility throughout her collegiate years as she pursues her mission to communicate and to cure.

Tanzila credits her hardworking parents with showing her how to persevere through challenges and give back to the community even when you have little to give. In her personal essay, Tanzila said, “Each day, I am taken aback by the multidimensionality of this nation. America thrives in being the melting pot of races, religions, colors, creeds, and perspectives. At the crux of the American Dream lies a shared devotion to emphasize the most important language of all: love. This reflection can best be highlighted in her participation in a Grand Poetry Slam where Tanzila “underscored the commonalities she shares with her peers as an American while also divulging the fears of her community as a Muslim. Watching my Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, and Buddhist classmates and teachers applaud in unison reiterated to me that my two seemingly polarized worlds can truly coexist in harmony.