Sanjana Jha
winners 2019

Sanjana Jha will study Public Health and/or Biology within the premedical track this fall. Sanjana shared her story of perseverance and overcoming very challenging obstacles and how those struggles led her to be passionate about helping those in need. Sanjana’s Indian-Nepalese household also inspired her to have an interest in education advocacy.

Sanjana embodies the American Dream by being an example of resilience in the face of insurmountable challenges. In her essay she shared part of her story:

My fight to better myself also transformed into a fierce desire to protect others who face similar situations. When my family was falling apart, our community provided us with emotional and financial support. I will never forget their compassion and will continue to pay it forward. My proudest accomplishment has been to raise awareness as a Girl Scouts and start a program to provide female hygiene products to homeless women; this effort resulted in me winning the highest honor in community service: Gold Award. I realized that no matter what age we are or how disadvantaged our background may be, we can make a difference in the lives of others. I strive to empower others to see their own potential because I know that triumph can be achieved over hardships.

Reflecting on these past few years, I don’t feel pity for my struggles, but rather am proud of the resilient woman I’ve become.

We are so proud of Sanjana and wish her the best in her academic pursuits!