Peter Satonick
winners 2013

Peter Satonick held various leadership roles in high school, including President of Habitat for Humanity, LINK Crew leadership and coaching a youth soccer team, counsel membership in his school’s National Honors Society and serving as a Student Researcher at Yale University. He is currently a freshman at Worchester Polytechnic University with the hope of becoming a biomedical engineer and joining Engineers without Borders.

Peter especially has a passion for Engineers without Borders and hopes to work in research and development to help alleviate human pain and suffering. He says that, “This compelling desire holds absolutely no boundaries, as I respect the dignity and worth of each and every life, regardless of race, social position, or one’s ability to pay.”

To Peter, the American Dream is about working hard and living each day to its fullest, making choices, working through the difficulties, growing through the adversities, and celebrating each success, no matter how small it may seem at the time. He believes that he “was born into the American Dream, grew up in the American Dream, and am currently living that Dream. I have never gone hungry and have always had a warm place to rest my head at night. I have been afforded the freedom to choose my career path, the college I would like to attend.”