Paola Gutierrez
winners 2011 Paola Gutierrez will attend the University of California in Los Angeles to pursue a career in healthcare. As an active participant in AVID, she gained leadership experience in the program that helped shape her. Paola selflessly gave of herself as a mentor, especially during a time of online learning and demonstrated leadership by starting a club called “You Belong Here," which helps underclassmen adjust to high school. This club also does acts of service in the local community. As the first in her family to attend college, Paola credits her family, especially her immigrant grandfather for inspiring her American Dream. She poignantly expresses the American Dream by saying, “I see the “American dream” when I view my grandfather's eyes, who was able to leave behind the despondency of leaving everything you know for a better tomorrow. Although it means you need to adopt a new language and culture it disposes of greater outcomes, the outcome of a better life. One that doesn’t entail poverty, war, and despondency but rather new opportunities each and every day."