Noah Yosif
winners 2012 This Fall, Noah Yosif will enter George Washington University to pursue a dual degree in Economics and International Affairs in hopes of one day becoming a Foreign Diplomat with the Department of State.

Among his accomplishments, Noah cites a week-long extracurricular program to Hyderabad, India, as an American Delegate for the 16th Annual International Children’s Film Festival. He was chosen to represent the interests of FACETS, an American Youth Film Program, and was additionally selected to chair the International Children’s Jury, a twelve-member team which would critique and award all featured films. This trip to India motivated him to incorporate an “International” component to my career, involving travel to new places.

In his American Dream essay, Noah said that “The American Dream defines the individual pursuit for opportunity and prosperity within the United States, driving people beyond limits to achieve their unique life goals. The American Dream is a reality, as every citizen of the United States is guaranteed the right to chase their individual dreams; fully dependent on perseverance and personal luck… It is the freedom of pursuit of one’s ambitions to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. Regardless of initial status, motivation and persistence are the two crucial components to successful completion of the American Dream; and while that may never come in a day, they guarantee a someday.” Noah says he embodies the American Dream by “through a fulfilling academic career constructed to accomplish my life goals.” Focused and diligent, Noah has developed many leadership skills as a leader in student council, Model UN and various internships that will help him in his career.