Mucella Ozdemir
winners 2011 Mucella Ozdemir considers herself a "global citizen." Her studies will take her to Gettysburg College in the fall. Mucella is a beautiful example of taking a difficult situation with optimism and turning it into an opportunity. Her personal journey has been one characterized by resilience, fighting for her dreams, and standing up for what she believes in. Throughout her high school career, Mucella volunteered with the Turkish Cultural Center as a mentor to help students transition from their home countries into the American culture. As someone who embraces diversity and encourages intercultural dialogue, she sees the American dream as the ability by all faiths and cultures to enjoy peace and freedom. She further shared, "As a bilingual and bicultural person, I aim to promote the preservation of my family culture and to promote deep mutual understanding and desire, which helps me form my own individual dreams based on the ideals of my goals."