Michelle Vawater
winners 2010

Michelle Vawter graduated from high school in May 2012 and is currently enrolled at Seton Hill University, studying to become a Physician’s Assistant. Michelle has already made various contributions to the medical field through research, particularly in diabetes. She was inducted into the National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors for inventing a nanotechnology drug used to treat diabetes.

Michelle has contributed over 650 of volunteer work to her community through various organizations. She is the founder of the Youth to Youth anti-bullying program at a local middle school and she leads activities with elderly patients at the Sisters of Charity Mother House of Seton Hill University. In reference to her service, Michelle says, “The gifts of grateful smiles and heartfelt thankful words have given me strength to move forward with bigger plans.”

In her American Dream Essay, Michelle recounted the story of meeting a young diabetic girl and realized that she was living out her American Dream of investing herself in health care. Michelle says that “Inspiring other people is the ultimate dream every American should strive to achieve because hope reaches the giver in ways too impactful to ever fully grasp while greatly blessing the receiver and also having a chain-reaction on many other people.” She believes that hope through the American Dream travels through many generations, and her experiences in bring hope to others helps her achieve her dreams.