Jerson Hernandez-Lobos
winners 2015

Jerson Hernandez-Lobos will attend the University of California-Irvine in the fall with the hope of gaining the skills and knowledge to build an organization called “Our People, Equality Now” to advocate for the belief that through education, low income communities can become prosperous and overcome violence and poverty. His vision includes providing safe learning environments, a rehabilitation program that prepares ex-convicts to be accepted into society and school and health services for the needy. Given his ability to persevere, flourish during adversity, and use challenges to his advantage, we have no doubt that he will succeed.

Jerson believes that his modest background has made him stronger, and he credits his grandmother with leaving him with values and morals that he will carry on in life. He believes it is important to leave that same kind of positive mark on the people and situations you encounter in the future. In his essay, Jerson says that “the dream is not defined by our success but by the failures we are proud to have experienced. The American Dream has been set forth as a dream that fulfills only the needs of a single individual but “the dream” my dream is one that allows everyone to live a life of prosperity and true non materialistic happiness.” Keeping this in mind, Jerson spent time being a youth coach for the Seoul International Park baseball team, encouraging the youth he worked with to be not only good athletes but also people of integrity. We look forward to seeing how Jerson continues to change the world one person at a time by creating an atmosphere where “kindness builds before ambition.”