Fred Rogers and Graciela Noble
winners 2011 Our first scholarship recipients exemplify the ideals of the fund, and we are encouraged by their stories.

Fred Roger served five years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps upon graduating from high school. He reached the rank of Sergeant, received numerous awards and achievements from the Marine Corps and was honorably discharged after multiple combat tours to Iraq. In addition to his numerous extracurricular activities, Fred remains committed to his family, including his wife of six years, his three year old daughter and his younger brother, who he has encouraged to join the Marines. Fred attended Nova Southeastern University and obtained an undergraduate degree in the Business and Entrepreneurship Program.

Graciela Nobles was burned in a house fire in the Andes of Bolivia when she was only 30 months old and refused to allow obstacles to hold her back. She was transferred to Lima, Peru for medical treatment from her burns from Food for the Hungry, and a nurse who worked for the organization adopted her. Graciela began to fundraise for the Foundation for Burns and Trauma at an early age and continues to advocate that cause by attending and speaking at conventions that address burn prevention. Her experience with mission trips to Peru taught her the importance of service to others as she helped clean up parks, paint churches and lay concrete for schools. Although she left her village in the Andes at a very young age, she hopes to find her birth family to thank them for giving her a life she could not have had in Bolivia. Graciela attended Colorado Christian University and graduated with a degree in Education. She hopes to become a missionary like her mother and help underprivileged children around the world.