Fatema Jaffer
winners 2015

Fatema Jaffer was Senior Class President in high school, and this leadership position coupled with her efforts in track and cross country have helped her to earn a place in Florida State University’s freshman class. This fall, Fatema will attend Florida State University to major in philosophy with the intent of going to law school. She intends to participate in service projects while sharpening her knowledge about the US government so that she can one day help to shape the laws that govern this nation. She will also continue to run track and cross country while at Florida State University with the hope of becoming an All-American Athlete.

In her American Dream essay, Fatema shared reflections on her family who helped to shape her view of the American Dream by emigrating to the United States and using their earnings to help others who were in need despite having their own challenges. Using the poignant example of her uncle, she now views the American Dream as “taking every opportunity and making the world a better place.” We wish Fatema the best as she ventures into the next chapter of her life and are certain that she will do her part to make the world a better place.