Cyril Christopher Narishkin
winners 2010

Cyril Christopher Narishkin will enter Embry Riddle Aeronautical University this fall with a major in Aeronautical Engineering in hopes of learning the tools and methods behind aircraft design and production. He hopes that his sustainable designs will help to grow a global economy that can expand to encompass more people, cargo and countries. One of his goals is to help connect isolated populations, with the global economy.

When asked about his definition of the American Dream, Christopher said “The American Dream is the opportunity for each person in the U.S. to achieve success through hard work, determination and initiative. He mentioned his gratitude for two parents who have “taught me the value of hard work and taking initiative.” He especially believes that the lessons his parents taught him helped him to embody the American Dream as he excelled in his high school tennis team. In this sport, Christopher grew in maturity, confidence and discipline. Through hard work, he emerged as a champion who realized “the American Dream isn’t something a person achieves in a lifetime or in the future. In fact, a person achieves the American Dream each time they find success by taking initiative, working hard and persisting.”

Congratulations Tanzila Alam and Cyril Christopher Narishkin for being the winners of our 2018 scholarship. We wish you both the best of luck in your collegiate endeavors!