Anthony Walker
winners 2014

Anthony Walker will study at Long Beach City College to become a Dietetic Service Supervisor. Anthony describes himself as having “a passion for life, leadership and integrity.” It was these qualities that led him to return to college at the age of 38 after gaining 16 years of experience in the culinary field. He cites this choice as having a positive effect on his teenage son who has started focusing more on his own education.

Anthony Walker says “In order to obtain the American Dream, people have to work hard for it, stay on a positive track and soak up all the knowledge and opportunities that are available to them. If the American Dream were a tree, it would have many branches: economic opportunities, educational rights, social equity and mobility, freedom privileges and overall stability, among others. If one branch is missing from the tree, it can affect the overall reach of the Dream and prevent or delay it from becoming a reality.” Anthony embodies the American Dream by fighting to leave poverty behind and move to a safer city to start a new life. He credits his son for always pushing him to open doors to new opportunities. We encourage Anthony on his journey and look forward to seeing him continue to live out the American Dream.