Akash Shah
winners 2022

Akash Shah will attend Stanford University in the fall to study in the hopes of one day becoming a surgical ongologist. During high school, he explored many different activities, including playing the harmonium and singing Indian classical music. He has found that sharing music can help those struggling with both physical and psychological illnesses. Aside from sharing his appreciation for diverse cultures, Akash also hosted a month long global medical webinar series, participates in community service events, and tutors students worldwide.

To Akash, the American Dream “signifies the ability to triumph in the face of adversity and use my circumstances to achieve success.” He further stated that “Even though my family and I encountered innumerable difficulties, we were still able to overcome every single challenge and use it to move one step forward. Due to my thirst for knowledge and my determination to impact humanity, I have been given a rare opportunity which I intend to take full advantage of by using it to not only better myself, but also to make the world a better place.” Having overcome obstacles to achieve success, Akash has proven himself to be an embodiment of the American Dream.