Having immigrated to the United States with his family at a young age, Akash Jacob Kuruvilla grew up aware of the unique opportunities that were available to him. As he matured into the man that he was destined to become, he continued to challenge himself in pursuit of becoming the best that he could be. Whether he was building an extensive network of leaders, taking action to make lasting changes in the community or simply lending encouragement, compassion or a caring shoulder to a friend in need, Akash always refused to settle for mediocrity. He was a man who set high expectations for himself and for others as he fearlessly and courageously broke down barriers that were mercilessly placed in front of him. Once he reached the top, he raised the bar, inspiring those who followed him down the trail that he so effortlessly and gracefully blazed. His dreams were boundless; his aspirations were limitless; and his influence is timeless.
  Akash Kuruvilla appreciated his background and was proud of his Indian-American heritage. Always mindful of the importance of his own history, he learned from his past mistakes and utilized that knowledge to pave and illuminate the path that he successfully traveled upon. And while Akash was working hard to accomplish all of his own goals, he never hesitated to stop and give anyone the attention that they desired from him. Aware of his own fortune and blessings, he felt that it was important to give back to others that needed him most. Akash was blind to others’ imperfections and accepted everyone as a friend, regardless of the color of their skin, their beliefs or their setbacks, seeing them simply as human beings who were equally entitled to the pursuit of their own happiness. And he didn’t stop there. He extended a helping hand to anyone who asked for it, often sacrificing his own desires for the sake of empowering others. His selfless generosity and bright smile warmed everyone who came into contact with him, and he became a role model for so many who were in awe of his achievements. Akash never missed the opportunity to learn, and he molded that wisdom into his own philosophy that he would humbly pass on to others.
  While Akash was exceptional at creating and leading organizations, he never allowed his leadership or the respect that he had earned from others to define the personal relationships that he fostered. He was a leader, an innovator, a trailblazer and a mentor, but more importantly, he was a son, a brother, and a friend. Through all of his accomplishments, he never neglected his personal relationships and constantly kept an eye on the people that mattered to him the most. He continues to live on through the people that he inspired, influenced and loved. Today he is honored as an ordinary human being who through hard work, perseverance, dedication and sacrifice became an extraordinary personal hero for so many people. He is remembered as someone who profoundly left his mark on history and lived his own life as the American Dream.