Shai Rebecca Elizabeth Kuruvilla was an exceptional young woman who impacted many people’s lives. After graduating from Bolles School, Jacksonville she completed her under graduate education in Psychology from the University of Miami and the University of North Florida. She worked hard to achieve her goals and dreams. She overcame any obstacle thrown her way with perseverance and determination.

A very kind hearted person, Shai personified love and gentleness for all those she touched. She was quietly charming and exuded grace and generosity of spirit. Her nurturing qualities were exemplified by her career choice to teach. She spent the last two and a half years of her life in Hong Kong as a Kindergarten teacher. She built great relationships with her students and her affection for them was evident through her interactions with them. She was a teacher to them, but she was also a student herself as she loved learning about the rich culture that her students were a part of.

Outside of her teaching, Shai was always willing to help others. Anytime that someone reached out to her for help, there was never any form of hesitation on her part. She was always willing to help those in need whether they were family, a friend or a complete stranger that she happened to meet. Shai always had a smile on her face and looked on the positive side of things.

Like her brother, Shai continues to live on through the people that she inspired, influenced and loved. Through this scholarship, she is honored for her accomplishments, love of life and living her American Dream.